Interactive Art

Unknowing That Knows Not  is specific installation, which I placed in the baroque baths of the Jesuit College, is inspired by the Oracle of Delphi, and also the current need of man to seek reassurance and answers in daily horoscopes and other predictions of the future.

The building block of the large-capacity 21st-century oracle, with a handling capacity of four hundred clients per hour, is the modified queuing system that 21st-century people know mainly from institutions like banks and other formal waiting rooms of the future. 

Life is good.

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1. Coca cola
Open happiness.

2. Stella Artois
Perfection has its price.

3. Nike
Just do it.

4. Adidas
Nothing is impossible.

5. Apple
Think different.

6. LG
Life is good.

7. Ford
Go further.

8. Verizon
Can you hear me now.

9. Tesco
Every little helps.

10. Subway
Eat fresh.

11. Kodak
Share moments, share life.

12. Walmart
Save money, live better.

13. Allstate
You are in good hands.

14. Google
Don’t be evil.

15. De Beers
A diamond is forever.

16. Fisher-Price
Play. Laugh. Grow.

17. IMAX
Think big.

18. Jaguar
Don’t dream it. Drive it!

19. Milky Way
The sweet you can eat between meals without losing your appetite.

20. Calvin Klein
Between love and madness
lies obsession.

21. Vienetta
One slice is never enough.

22. Volkswagen
Think small.

23. Burger King
Have it your way.

24. FedEx
Be absolutely sure.

25. Polaroid
The fun develops instantly.

26. Lenovo
Different is better.

27. Samsung
Turn on tomorow.

28. Evian
Live young.

29. Oral-B
Recharge your smile.

30. Sensodyne
Stop the pain, start the soothing.

31. Domestos
Millions of germs will die.

32. Pfaff
Feel the creative energy.

33. China Airlines
Journey with a caring smile.

34. S7 Airlines
Freedom to choose.

35. LOT Polish Airlines
You choose the direction.

36. PayPal
Because you have to.

37. Thai Life Insurance
Life, beside you.

38. Crédit Agricole
Common sense has a future.

39. American Red Cross
Together, we can save a life.

40. Crayola
The white one is useless.

41. Kenwood
Listen to the future.

42. 7-Eleven
Oh thank heaven.

43. Neutrogena
Break the breakout cycle.

44. Sunsilk
Life can’t wait.

45. Starbucks

Customize Your Cup.

46. Royal Bank Of Scotland
Make it happen.

47. Key Bank
The solution is key.

48. Idaho Central Credit Union
Expect more.

49. Bank Of The West
Go west.

50. Charles Schwab
Own your tomorrow.

51. Sharp
Be original.

52. Hitachi
Inspire the next.

53. Metabo
Work. Don’t play.

54. The Walt Disney Company
Dreams come true.

55. Ricoh
How well do you share?

56. Rema 1000
The simple is often the best.

57. Future Shop
See what the future has in store.

58. Hertz
Love the road.

59. KTM
You’re the one.

60. Peugeot
Live the pleasure.

61. Alfa Romeo
Beauty is not enough.

62. Mitsubishi
Wake up and drive.

63. Saab Automobile
Find your own road.

64. Oldsmobile
Start something.

65. Mercury Automobile
Live life in your own lane.

66. Chevrolet
Find new roads.

67. Jeep
Have fun out there.

68. Acura
The road will never be the same.

69. Dunlop
Feel the road.

70. FileMaker
What’s your problem?

71. AMD
The future is fusion.

72. Seiko Epson
Exceed your vision.

73. Vodafone
Make the most of now.

74. ASUS
In search of incredible.

75. Fotolog
Share photos. Make friends.
It’s easy!

76. Logitech
What will you do with all
that freedom?

77. Tech Mahindra
Create the next wave.

78. Fujitsu
The possibilities are infinite.

79. Circle K
Take it easy.

80. Amazon
Work hard, have fun, make history.

81. Dell slogan
Be direct.

82. Sony
Make believe.

83. Texas Instruments
Timing is everything.

84. Cisco
Tomorrow starts here.

85. Microsoft 
Making it all make sense.

86. IBM

87. Hewlett-Packard
Make it matter.

88. AT&T
Reach out and touch someone.

89. Red Lobster
See what’s cooking.

90. Dunkin’ Donuts
Loosen up a little.

91. Dairy Queen
Do something different.

92. Pizza Hut
Make it great.

93. Mentos
Roses grow on you.

94. Cornetto
Enjoy the ride, love the ending.

95. Bertolli
Passion makes perfect.

96. Becel
Love your heart.

97. After Eight
See you after eight.

98. Snickers
Get some nuts!

99. Lay’s
Get your smile on.

100. Cadbury Dairy Milk 
Free the joy.

101. Dove Chocolate
Choose pleasure.

102. Danone
Love it for life.

103. Ralston Purina
All you add is love.

104. Timex
Life is ticking.

105. K-Swiss
Buy the shoe.

106. KingGee
Do it once, do it well.

107. Jantzen
Dive into life.

108. Foot Locker
Past meets present.

109. Ariat
Performance is in our sole.

110. JC Penney
Unwrap the magic.

111. L. L. Bean
Discover great values.

112. Head & Shoulders
Live head first.

113. Full Throttle
Feel the energy at work.

114. Relentless
Be relentless.

115. Thums Up
Taste the thunder

116. V8 Vegetable Juice
Drink your vegetables.

117. Sprite
Obey your thirst.

118. Aquafina
Make your body happy.

119. Coors Brewing Company
It won’t slow you down.

120. Bacardi
Thirsty for life? Drink responsibly.

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Yes, No
Light box, randomly generated text

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Yes, No
Light box, randomly generated text

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Light box, randomly generated glitch

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel (stage A)
Electric motor, photocell, candle, cardboard

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel (stage B)
Electric motor, photocell, candle, cardboard

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